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Budget Bathroom Remodel

Here is a budget bathroom remodel. It is your run of the mill, track housing, fiberglass tub/shower combo. The caulking is stained by mildew, the fiberglass is dingy, it can’t be cleaned, the sheetrock in front of the tub is rotten from years of water splashing out of the front. It was time for an update. The owners didn’t, however, want to go with just another fiberglass surround with seams and caulk joints that would break down over time and be hard to clean. So we went with a porcelain on steel tub, used hardi-backer instead of a mortar float, ceramic tile surround with 1/8” grout joints and a tile floor. It’s a very economical way of having a nice bathroom. If you would like a new bathroom but have a tight budget to work with, we can help design a bathroom of your liking without giving you a cheap build.