Matthews Custom Construction
Contractor Riverside, Ca

Riverside Bathroom Remodels and Additions

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Our company’s founder started work in the construction field relatively young. His grandfather was a building official for the city of Marina, but before that he was a contractor: Jim Matthews and Sons Construction. Jim was from an age where you had many sons to work the farm with you, except that, in his case, instead of a farm it was a construction company. Growing up, Eric worked with his grandfather on weekends and summer vacations digging footings, building garages and sheds. This knowledge transferred through to his career in construction, working for local contractors such as C.R. Whitney and Sons, Labrador, and Lazarus Construction. In 2010, Eric began his own company after having worked for many years in the construction industry. And now you can see work performed by Matthews Custom Construction all throughout the Monterey bay, from Monterey to Salinas and Santa Cruz.

Matthews Custom Construction