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Riverside Bathroom Remodels and Additions

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Sub Contractors endorsed by

Matthews Custom Construction

To be a sub contractor for Matthews Custom Construction, a company needs to be honest, trustworthy, competent, fair, and, well, good. We have had to let a few go because they didn’t meet the requirements. Whether they showed up late numerous times, failed to show up, did sub-par work, or were not professional, they had to go because at the end of the project it will be Matthews Custom Construction that is accountable to the client.

So it is without reservation that we endorse these sub-contractors. As long as schedules permit, they will be doing all of our work. If you need work done, I encourage you to give these contractors a call. Just follow their links.

Tri county painting does phenomenal work and the owner Jon has a great crew. They are in and out quick and do professional work. If you need painting done, give them a call.

Rex of R. Cooper drywall is one of the best drywallers I’ve worked with. He makes sure all the walls are straight, shims or planes them as needed, caulks all the corners, floats any imperfections in existing wall. All in all does excellent work and at a great price. If you need any drywall work done, give Rex a call.




If you’re looking for great tile work, give Mark at Rafi Creations a call today. They are the ones that did the tile work for our Riverside Remodel. Mark’s crew does wonderful and elegant work.